The Georgia Mentor Protégé Connection is open to any small business in the state that meets the following requirements for program eligibility –

  • Company incorporated in Georgia and registered with the Secretary of State
  • In business for a minimum of 3 years, with documentation
  • Annual revenues of at least $1 million
  • Minimum of 3 full-time, non-contract employees
  • Must be nominated by a qualifying individual or organization, such as
    • Georgia Corporations
    • Chambers of Commerce
    • Business Development organizations
    • Business Leaders
    • Governmental Entities
    • GMPC Alumni


Protégé candidates are selected for the program as follows –

  • Candidates are nominated by a qualifying individual or organization
  • Candidates must submit application and application fee by the application deadline
  • Applications evaluated by GMPC admissions committee
  • Qualifying applicants are invited for face to face interviews
  • Selected applicants must attend mentor vetting day
  • Proteges are matched with compatible mentor corporations
  • Notifications of acceptance are sent out to the protégé class
  • Protégés must pay the program fee by the fee deadline


Protégé firms receive the following benefits –

  • Rigorous assessment process to determine the 3 areas of opportunity
  • Goals process to map out the key target areas of focus
  • Concrete plan of action for the duration of the program
  • One year of mentoring and best practice sharing with mentor partner
  • Relationship with a supply chain leader and that company’s supply chain
  • Exposure to other corporations serving as mentors in the GMPC
  • Access to protégé resources throughout the program year
  • Opportunities for networking and exposure through GMPC activities
  • Brand awareness opportunities derived from program participation
  • Leadership development opportunities for senior company leaders

Submit an application to be selected as a protege in the upcoming GMPC class.


Bison is extremely grateful for this program; our experience has been amazing! UPS truly took us under their wing as a protege. They challenged our existing business practices while guiding us to new ways of thinking. As a result of UPS’ commitment to Bison and their role in the GMPC program, we have refined our strategy, improved our operations and enlarged our vision to include a global presence. It has been an awesome experience. Our mentors put a lot of time and resources into the growth of our company. They taught us how to think like a Fortune 500 company.

Mentored by Kris Os wold and Sandy Nevett, UPS

This program helped me become the CEO I wanted to be so I could begin building the company I wanted to see. My mentors helped me think about how the company was viewed by potential clients, and how we could spread our client base across industries. I am incredibly grateful for the time I spent in this program, the connections I’ve made,and the relationships I was able to develop. I look forward to putting the principles I’ve learned into practice to continue growing the company.

Mentored by Glenda Stinson and Monique Carter, Georgia Power

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