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If you had the opportunity to learn proven best practices from one of America’s top corporations, would you take it?

The Georgia Mentor Protégé Connection (MPC) is a business development program administered by the Georgia Education Foundation (GEF) in partnership with the Department of Economic Development and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

MPC provides opportunities for Georgia small businesses to benefit from a partnership with a corporate mentor for a period of one year. Emerging firms can build relationships, explore new technologies, learn about best practices, and benefit from the wisdom of corporate executives who are committed to the long-term health and overall growth of small businesses in Georgia.

The mentor corporations are companies that are headquartered in Georgia or have a significant presence in the state. These mentor firms are leaders in their respective industries and are committed to small business development and supplier diversity. They represent a broad spectrum of industry categories, including transportation, education, logistics, manufacturing, telecommunications, consulting services and information technology

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